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Thank you to all players who evaluated over the past 2 weeks!

Below are rosters following 2019-20 FCHA evaluations.  If necessary, the FCHA Board of Directors will alter rosters and the number of teams in a given age group if commitment letters are not received from a full allotment of players.  

Commitment letters and jersey order forms will be sent out via email within the next 2 weeks. 


Mite Green

Asa B.
Colin G.
Charley K.
Michael M.
Mason V.
Blake W.
Bryce Z.


Mite White

Landon A.
Lucas A.
Grayson B.
Preston C.
Finnegan C.
Milo J.
Camden P.
Alex S.
Lucas S.
Zack W.


Squirt Green

Jed A.
Hayden A.
Wayde B.
Samuel B.
Desmond D.
Vincent G.
Nolan K.
Grace L.
Jay M.
Carter S.
Nico S.
Logan T.
Chase Z.


Squirt White

Jack B.
Ryan C.
Max C.
Zachary C.
Nicholas C.
James E.
Benjamin J.
Madison L.
Olivia L.
Chayton M.
Patrick M.
Mylena P.
Dominic S.
Ryan S.


PeeWee Green

Cade A.
Shawn Bau.
Matthew G.
Giovanni G.
Porter H.
Jack L.
Griffin M.
Anson P.
Luca S.
Cooper S.


PeeWee White

Shawn Be.
Taj D.
Austin D.
Bryce D.
Grayson L.
Noah M.
Samuel N.
William R.
Camden S.
Braeden T.
Jayden T.


Bantam Green

Dylan A.
Bryce B.
Eathon B.
Brodie G.
Evan G.
Matthew L.
Jaxon L.
William M.
Hunter S.
Jayson S.


Bantam White

Jamison B.
Brady Be.
Cooper B.
Jackson C.
Sailor C.
Jacob J.
Jake K.
Preston L.
Rowan L.
Connor O.
William P.
Gabriel V.


Bantam to evaluate in the fall due to injury Trevor K. 


Bantam Goalies:  Another evaluation will be held to evaluate all goalies at the same time.  Three goalies evaluated for 1 session each but not during the same session.  In addition, one goalie was unable to evaluate in March due to an injury.  FCHA Board of Directors will be hosting another goalie evaluation when all goalies are able to attend such session. All goalies will be placed on a team for the 2019-20 season.